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Preventative Security
This is spending time looking at ways and means to avoid criminal intervention. Some simple checks/drills in your daily routine can greatly reduce the possibility of becoming a victim of opportunists and organised crime.

3% of your property value should be invested in security, from electric gates to camera and house alarm. Measures such as these can reduce crime by up to 40%

Security in your Vehicle
You should always be vigilant when parking or driving your car. Try to ensure no valuable objects are visible from outside the car. Tinted windows are often underestimated as a safety feature. They create a risk factor for the criminal, who has to physically take a hard look into the car.

If parking in an unfamiliar location, try to find a secure manned area. When arriving back at your car, make sure you have your keys (and mobile phone!) ready. Do not pull over for anybody unless it is a law enforcement officer. If someone tries to flag you down, carry on and notify the police. If it is necessary to stop, then keep the doors locked, pull in front of the vehicle at your own risk and see what the problem is.

Objects to carry in your vehicle
Heavy Duty Torch (can also be used as a baton)
Mobile Phone (If you don't carry one anyway)
Disposable Camera (handy in case of accident/attack)