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Car park security
Off Limits Car Park Management team provides a service second to none. Resolve parking control problems you may encounter, with vehicles being parked illegally or in abuse of your private parking or car park areas. The government recognizes there is a balance between the rights of the motorist and the rights of landowners to deter careless parking.

Our company specializes in the field of street parking, being one of the major contractors in the north-west..

As a legitimate business Off Limits is keen to ensure that they act within the guidelines of the law at all times. The team is trained to act with discretion and courtesy in all situations with a non-confrontational attitude. To the customer using a private car park, 24hr surveillance systems provide additional security to property and person.

Protecting your car park

The parking industry offers many items of equipment for the controlling of your space.

Bollards and chains of all types are available for purchase and installation. However they can be tiresome to collapse and erect every time you want to park. This is where a wheel clamping service could prove to be the ideal solution. The prevention of unauthorized/ illegal parking is most ethically done by providing a practical deterrent, such as clear warning signs, backed up by the judicious use of wheel clamps.

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Having a vehicle immobilized by a wheel clamp will dissuade an offender from returning to your car park, leaving it free for your use.
Any questions raised about the legality of wheel clamping can be justified by several legal precedents that confirm that it is legal to wheel clamp unauthorized vehicles on private land.

Any complaints from the owner of a clamped vehicle will be personally dealt with by Off Limits Security. Therefore indemnifying your company from any complaints arising from wheel clamping.
The insurance certificate ensures that the company is assertive in its intentions etc. If the individual is still not satisfied, an application to the arbitration scheme of The Association of British Parking Enforcement Companies may be then submitted.